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Do you feel Road Safety Education (RSE) should be a part of Educational Curriculum? If yes, then at what level it should be introduced?

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Your Safety Lies Within These Guidelines



Cause and effect govern the science of road safety. Cause is what happened and effect is the consequence of that action. Every accident can be explained using cause and effect. Every safe journey can be explained using cause and effect. There are over 1,00,000 accidents reported in India annually. Many more go unreported. Human error is at the root of each and every one of those accidents. Even when the roads are bad and the visibility is poor or in case of machine error, in every instance somebody chooses to be care less.
These guidelines are not necessarily laws imposed by the legislature. Yet, they ensure a person’s safety in all circumstances. They ensure that no accidents happen. These guidelines lead to safe comfortable journeys. Prevention they say is better than cure. So take preventive measures and have a safe journey every time.

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Safety mindset Accidents are an outcome of careless actions and not an occurrence due to some celestial writ. Road Safety and its importance fall in to perspective when you realize that “Accidents happen , and they can happen to me.” Once you realize that, you do not have to follow the road safety rules. They become a part of your personality, like the clothes you choose and the phone you carry. Road Safety rules then sink into your bones, and control everything you do on the road.

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