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Because of globalization, the subsequent flow of goods that are transported over greater distances have increased fourfold. In India, as the major mode of transportation is by road, keeping in view the infrastructure of Indian roads, the need to reach the goods safely to the destination has become a herculean task. This inevitably creates the need for efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly cargo restraint products.

Load securing functions to hold the unit pallet loads, crates, or other items immobile and secure. An unsecured load can shift in transit and create dangerous dynamics, damaging the cargo and the structure of the vehicle.

Importance of Load Securing in transportation:

Product protection : If the cargo is secured against rolling, tipping and shifting it will absorb smaller amounts of shocks and vibrations which minimizes risks of packaging deterioration and gives a better protection to the packed goods.

Peoples’ protection : Load securing helps to protect employees, people in traffic and all the people who could be the victim of accidents caused by poor load securing

Environmental protection : In some cases dangerous liquids and other substances can leak out of broken packaging that was not correctly secured, and cause environmental pollution and threaten people’s health. Load securing also contributes to safety on the roads. For example, heavy bulky goods can create so much pressure on container doors that when opened the packages fall out on the road creating dangerous traffic situations.

Cost reduction : By using load securing it is possible to have a cost reduction in several ways:
  • No damage to the products eliminates expenses to replace them.
  • It is much easier to handle well stacked products and that reduces the time needed for unloading of containers saving on man-hours needed.
  • By eliminating potential environmental and health risks it is possible to avoid unexpected expenses on removing the caused damages, etc...
Company image : All the end customers prefer to get their ordered products in good conditions without damage and perfectly stacked to save their own costs on handling. That is why it is possible to contribute to company’s image by using load securing. And no company wants to get negative commercial because of accidents caused by their products.

At Green Earth Translogistics Pvt Ltd.,we are pioneers in the “Cargo Load Secure Space” and we specialize in providing cost effective solutions which result in significant reduction of in-transit damages.

We provide a comprehensive Cargo Secure solution. We source the load secure packing materials from reputed suppliers around the globe. We deploy trained manpower at customer sites for effective application besides sending MIS to all stakeholders.
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