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Do you feel Road Safety Education (RSE) should be a part of Educational Curriculum? If yes, then at what level it should be introduced?

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In India Road safety awareness is still in its infancy. Over one lakh people die in road accidents. Road accident investigations show that more than 80% of the accidents in India are because of human error. Which means 80% of the lives lost in road accidents could have been saved. As the number of vehicles on the road increase, the situation is bound to worsen. Already, the magnitude of road fatalities in India is higher than any other natural epidemic.

Our Vision......................
"Green Earth will strive to be recognized as a leader in the area of Driver Training and Driving Skill Development, aimed at promoting the cause of Road Safety amongst community and industry."

People have myriad of reactions to road safety measures, and to road accidents. The scariest part of people’s reaction to road accidents, is their firm conviction that it will not happen to them. This phenomenon has been observed globally. Even people who have been through major accidents do not expect to be in one again. This false sense of safety needs to transform into a responsible approach to the use of roads.

This website is an initiative, to share our knowledge about the road safety sciences. It is to monitor the latest developments concerning road safety, be it awareness initiative by the government or change in certain legalities. This website has been created with the intention of constantly spreading road safety awareness through various means. There is no alternative to stopping fatalities on the road, other than awareness. Especially, since 80% of the accident are outcome of human error. It means at the root of every accident, is a driver, whose mistakes may have harmed himself or someone around him. With such power in hands of the drivers, we think it is essential that they be made aware of few steps, which if they take lots and lots of lives can be saved.

Road safety concerns everyone, because everyone uses the road. Hence, this initiative concerns everyone. We extend an invitation to everyone of our readers to participate with us in our cause, and contribute in any manner you can, to further this august cause.

Indian Road Safety scenario:- WHO status report 2009 Vs 2013 
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